How To Get A Free Xbox One

The Xbox One, Microsoft's latest games console, promises to take next generation gaming to the next level. With the release date just around the corner, the Xbox One is one of the most anticipated consoles in recent times.
The Xbox One is not just a games console, it is also a TV and movie system with the ability to switch between them using only your voice. You can control all aspects of the Xbox One with your voice, even turning on your TV by talking to it!
With a home page that is custom tailored to you, and a share button to instantly share content on social media, the Xbox One really is the ultimate all in one entertainment system.

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All that technology doesn't come cheap, and when it is launched the console will cost a staggering £429. That is a lot of money to pay, especially in these tough financial times.

Xbox One What if there was a way to get a brand new Xbox One for free? You would jump at the chance right? Of course you would! That's exactly what I did when I first discovered this method.
I am currently working towards my own free Xbox One as you can see by looking at my status banner on the proof page. On that page you will also see other items I have recieved for free, and with the Xbox One release date just around the corner I'm going to help you get your own Xbox One completely free!

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What's The Catch?

There's no catch, there really is a legitimate way to get a brand new Xbox One completely free. It's called affiliate marketing, and lots of big companies use it to gain new customers. If you sign up to one of these companies through an affiliate site, the company pays the affiliate site a commission. The affiliate site then uses part of this commission to get your free Xbox One. If you refer some of your friends and family to sign up to one of these big companies, the affiliate site gets more commission, and you get more money towards your free Xbox One. Once you have referred enough people, the affiliate site will send out your free Xbox One!
For a more detailed explanation of how affiliate marketing works, visit the How It Works page.

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